Psychiatry transformed for everyone

This is the story of a patient and a psychiatrist

He couldn’t access psychiatric care when he needed it. She couldn’t provide care the way she wanted to. Together, they’re transforming psychiatry.


+ psychiatrists


,000+ patient visits


+ insurance partners



days before first visit

Talkiatry combines what patients need, with what doctors need, at a time of need.

Accessible, human, and responsible. That’s what psychiatry should be, for everyone. And when it is, the outcome is as simple as it is extraordinary: healthy minds and thriving lives.

What we stand for

Reframing the conversation
By dismantling stigma. Letting people know they're not alone. And providing reliable access to in-network care.
Making real connections
By turning every visit into a conversation. Providing effective treatment. And treating every patient like a human.
Setting the standard
By hiring the best psychiatrists. Using the latest research. And committing to technologies that make talking easier.

We've experienced psychiatry's challenges

Now, we're fixing them. And we need your help. Join the team that's improving mental health with accessible, human, and responsible care.