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Who will I be matched with?

It’s our mission to connect you with the best possible care. We have more than 300 psychiatrists on staff. To narrow down the possibilities and zero in on the right clinician for you, we use our online assessment. Here are the criteria it uses for finding you a match:

Location: Even though we’re a virtual practice, your psychiatrist needs to be licensed to practice medicine in the state you live in.  

Age range: Psychiatrists specialize in treating specific age ranges (i.e. child, adolescent, adult, senior). We’ll only show you psychiatrists who are a fit for you.

Reason for your visit: In the assessment, we’ll ask some questions about why you’re seeking care. We use that to find a psychiatrist who can diagnose and treat you. Mental health diagnoses can be complicated and symptoms can overlap. After your initial evaluation, if your psychiatrist thinks a psychiatrist with a different specialty is a better fit, we’ll connect you with one.  

But we understand that mental health care is personal. If you’re unhappy with your doctor, we’ll help you find a better fit. Call us at 833-351-8255 or email hello@talkiatry.com and we’ll rematch you.

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