Your well-being is our top priority.

Because every patient is unique, our psychiatrists create a customized treatment approach for each individual—ensuring you get the right level of outpatient mental health care so you can start feeling better, faster!

We’re here for you.

Even if Talkiatry isn’t right for you at this time, you won’t walk away empty-handed! We’ll provide detailed clinical recommendations so you know how to effectively resume your search for the best psychiatrist for you.

Have questions about the outpatient mental health care we offer at this time? Email or give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

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Do you take my insurance?

We are the largest in-network group of psychiatrists in the New York area. Use our insurance filtering tool to see if Talkiatry is in-network with your plan.

What do I need to start the assessment?

You don’t need any materials for the free assessment! However, if you want to make an appointment, you will need a state or government-issued ID, insurance card, current medications, and a credit card.

Where are Talkiatry offices located?

Talkiatry currently has two locations in Manhattan, in NoMad and Hudson Square.

How does Talkiatry work?

Step 1: Take our proprietary assessment.

Take our free and easy assessment to help determine the reason for your visit. The interactive process uses evidence-based scales to provide you a preliminary diagnosis and severity on the spot. We will also provide you with additional information to get a sense of your needs before speaking with one of our psychiatrists.

Step 2: Get matched with a psychiatrist.

Talkiatry collects additional information and uses a proprietary algorithm in conjunction with your preliminary diagnosis, medical history, medications, and other criteria to match you with a psychiatrist with expertise for your specific needs. At this point, you can make an appointment with your preferred psychiatrist without speaking to our office. Your assessment details and other information are securely transmitted to your psychiatrist via our HIPAA-compliant and secure electronic health record system so they can review them before your visit.

Step 3: See your psychiatrist.

Your psychiatrist will review your preliminary diagnosis with you and listen to your concerns. As your psychiatrist learns more about you over a series of visits, a diagnosis may change or develop. Your doctor will conduct a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, arrive at an appropriate diagnosis, then go over various treatment plans and options with you. We are focused on helping you feel better and are happy to speak to your other health providers to navigate complex issues when needed.

Step 4: Fine-tune ongoing care and track your progress.

We will continuously monitor and adjust your medication and treatment plan to ensure optimal results and limit unwanted side effects. Once that process is complete, if you begin to feel better, we can adjust the frequency of visits to balance appropriate medical care with your other commitments. Throughout this process and beyond, we will monitor your progress with regular assessments to ensure your treatment is working well and catch any issues early on. It's ok if things change; we'll adjust your treatment and visit frequency to meet your medical needs. The Talkiatry support staff is also happy to assist you with scheduling or billing concerns at this time.

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You deserve high-quality psychiatric care.

Take our online assessment to tell us about yourself, your symptoms, and your treatment preferences. We’ll provide you with a preliminary diagnosis and match you with the best psychiatrist for you.