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I’m traveling in another state, why can’t my psychiatrist see me?

If you're on vacation or just traveling, depending on where you are, your psychiatrist might not be able to see you virtually. Why? It has to do with the way medical licenses work in the U.S. There isn’t just one license to practice medicine. Your psychiatrist actually needs to apply for separate licensure in each state they’d like to see patients in. They can be licensed in more than one state, but in order to see you they actually need to be licensed in the state you’re physically in, not just where you call home. If you’re on vacation in another state where your psychiatrist is licensed, no problem. If they’re not licensed there, they won’t be able to see you. That’s why we recommend planning ahead and letting your psychiatrist know if you plan to take a visit while you’re traveling.

The rules for international travel are a little more complex. If you have specific questions, we recommend talking to your clinician directly.

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