Jane Eisen, MD

Staff Psychiatrist
Medication Management

Education and training

  • Columbia University - Barnard College, BA
  • New York University, MD
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital, Residency

Get to know

Jane Eisen, MD

Dr. Jane Eisen comes to Talkiatry from her previous position at McLean Hospital, in Boston, where she was Clinical Director of the Depression and Anxiety Division, overseeing the integration of clinical work, faculty development, and research in the division. Clinically, she has experience working with people with significant mood and anxiety difficulties.

Dr. Eisen's practice focuses on using an integrated approach to the understanding and treatment of individuals' psychosocial stresses and psychiatric symptoms. Her sessions are usually 30 minutes.  She frequently suggests including a family member or friend in at least one session to get a comprehensive sense of each person's strengths and challenges.

She received her medical degree from NYU and completed her psychiatric residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital. She spent a number of years in the Brown system, as Training Director for the Brown Psychiatry Residency and as Vice-Chair of the Brown Department of Psychiatry. For several years, she served as Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai West/St. Lukes prior to her position at McLean, as Clinical Director of the McLean Hospital Depression and Anxiety Division. She has worked primarily with outpatients with the exception of a recent period of residential work at the Pavilion at McLean Hospital.

Dr. Eisen is a general psychiatrist with a focus on anxiety disorders, OCD, and mood disorders. She is interested in the impact of trauma and personality and has extensive experience working with young adults.

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