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How can I request a refill?

There are a few ways to request a refill:  

By phone:

Call 833-351-8255 to connect with a Patient Care Coordinator.

By email:  

Send a message to hello@talkiatry.com and we’ll handle the rest. Please include the following information in your email: the name of the medication, the dosage, the last time the script was filled, how many days of supply you have left, and the name and contact information of your preferred pharmacy.  

On mobile through the Healow app:

  1. Sign into the Healow Medical App
  1. Select ‘Medications’
  1. In the top right-hand corner, select ‘Add/Refill’ then ‘Request Refill’
  1. Select the medication, provider, facility (Talkiatry), and your specific pharmacy
  1. Select ‘Send’

On desktop through the patient portal:

  1. Sign into the patient portal
  1. Under ‘Current Medication’ select ‘Request Refill’
  1. Select the medications you’d like a refill for and select ‘Request Refill’
  1. Add your provider’s name, the facility as ‘Talkiatry’ along with your pharmacy and any additional comments
  1. Select ‘Submit’

If you request a refill while your clinician is away, or if they can’t see you before you need your prescription for any reason, we may book you with another clinician for a single visit.

If you haven’t seen your clinician in the last 90 days (3 months), you’ll need to book an appointment before you can get your prescription refill.  

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