When do I pay for my visit?

When should I expect my bill?

You’ll only receive a bill after your visit. We’ve designed it this way to minimize the amount of bills you receive. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You complete your visit
  1. We bill your insurance directly
  1. Your insurer checks your coverage
  1. They determine how much of your visit is covered  
  1. They tell us how much of the bill is your responsibility

Communicating with insurance companies can take some time. How soon you receive your bill ultimately depends on how quickly they get back to us, but it’s usually about 30 days. As soon as your bill is ready, we’ll notify you via email, paper mail, or text message.

When do I pay my copay?

Unlike some other medical practices, we don’t charge copays ahead of your visit. To simplify things and make sure each statement is as complete and accurate as possible, we won’t send a statement until after we’ve billed your insurance directly. Once they respond, we’ll send you a statement. The process usually takes about 30 days.

I already received an EOB (explanation of benefits) from my insurance. Why haven’t I received a bill from Talkiatry yet?

If you’ve received an EOB (explanation of benefits) from your insurer, but haven’t received a statement from us, don’t worry. A couple things could be happening.  There might be a slight delay between when your insurer processes your claim, and when they let us know about it. The delay may take up to 2 weeks to resolve. Or, sometimes insurers make mistakes. If we notice that they’ve made an error, we may be in the process of correcting it before we ever send you a bill. If you haven’t heard from us within a few weeks of receiving an EOB, check in with our team by emailing billing@talkiatry.com.

Not seeing what you need? If it’s a question about a bill, get in touch with our Patient Billing Support Center at 833-351-8255 or send an email to billing@talkiatry.com

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