Daniel Weiss, MD

Chief Psychiatrist, New York
Medication Management

Education and training

• Temple University School of Medicine

• Montefiore Medical Center

• Bronx Psychiatric Center

Get to know

Daniel Weiss, MD

Dr. Daniel Weiss is a double board-certified psychiatrist in adult and forensic psychiatry. His expertise is in diagnosing and treating psychiatric conditions, including depression and bipolar spectrum disorders, anxiety, stress and adjustment problems, maternal mental health, OCD, and other disorders. In addition, he has extensive experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, college and graduate students, creative professionals, and a range of working adults.

Through a supportive psychopharmacologic approach, Dr. Weiss strives to provide a comfortable experience in which doctor and patient work to understand the presenting problems, reduce symptoms, and optimize functioning. In addition, Dr. Weiss encourages concurrent therapy and will communicate with that provider in a collaborative care arrangement.

Dr. Weiss previously served as an attending psychiatrist on the staff of Montefiore Medical Center and was formerly a faculty member at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Before joining Talkiatry, Dr. Weiss spent a decade working at The New School as the university’s staff psychiatrist.

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