David Whitehouse, MD

Staff Psychiatrist
Medication Management

Education and training

• Harvard University

• Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine, MD

• Massachusetts General Hospital, Internship & Residency

Get to know

David Whitehouse, MD

Dr. Whitehouse is a board-certified adult psychiatrist with a strong background in neuroscience and psychopharmacology who has been in practice for over 25 years. At the heart of Dr. Whitehouse’s clinical approach is a strong emphasis on establishing trust, building a therapeutic relationship to help patients achieve their goals, and helping people better understand their brain, its strengths, and vulnerabilities and how to use assessment and training to maximize everyone’s unique emotional and cognitive capacity.

Dr. Whitehouse's practice focuses on medication management. Typically, he offers this in conjunction with supportive or emotionally focused therapy in 30-minute follow-up visits. Occasionally Dr Whitehouse may believe that additional therapy is also needed and ask that you bring a therapist into your care team to provide the best outcome.

He received his medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School and went on to complete his residency in psychiatry at MGH in Boston. After completing training, Dr. Whitehouse has worked in every setting from a Community Mental Health Center in rural VT, a General Hospital Department of Psychiatry in Waterbury CT, and a private psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts He has held academic clinical appointments at Dartmouth, Yale and Harvard and provided supervision to medical students, residents, APRNs, Social Workers and Mental Health Clinicians.

In addition to his direct clinical work, he has extensive experience with value-based care having worked with the behavioral divisions of CIGNA Behavioral Health, Optum Behavioral Health and MCG. He also has been involved in the latest approaches made possible in mental health by the growth of direct-to-consumer services as part of digital transformation.

He believes that every patient is unique and every situation different. He seeks to bring a wealth of experience to bear but above all to do so with a personalized and compassionate focus on what will help everyone specifically practically, effectively, and as efficiently as possible. He is especially happy to help people new to emotional help understand the value of different approaches.

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