Sunny Bowers, LPC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Talk Therapy

Education and training

Malone University Master of Education (MED)

Get to know

Sunny Bowers, LPC

Sunny Bowers is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) based in the state of Ohio.
She holds an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies
from Kent State University, complemented by a graduate degree in a Master of Arts in
Education with a focus in Clinical Counseling from Malone University.

With a rich professional background spanning over 10 years, Sunny has dedicated her expertise
to working with diverse populations, including adults, first responders, and teenagers. Her scope
of practice covers all phases of addiction, trauma and mood disorders with a particular
emphasis on addressing issues related to depression, anxiety, adjustment concerns, and
relational difficulties.

Sunny's therapeutic approach places a strong emphasis on the value of the therapeutic
relationship. Recognizing the pivotal role of comfort and trust in the therapeutic process, she
believes that lasting change is built on authentic exploration. Sunny employs several different
therapeutic approaches, tailoring her methods to individual needs. Grounded in the
development of insight and awareness, her overarching goal is to support empowerment and
personal freedom for her clients.

Sunny is enthusiastic about the prospect of working collaboratively with individuals seeking
positive change and personal growth. If you're looking for a therapist who values authenticity
and is dedicated to supporting your journey towards lasting change.

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